• Thedore Solomons Trail

    Thedore Solomons Trail

  • 2017 WC Sierra Update

    2017 WC Sierra Update

  • 2017 Piedra Blanca Trail Update.

    2017 Piedra Blanca Trail Update.

  • 2016 Bear Trap Trip Report

    2016 Bear Trap Trip Report

  • Badger Flat to Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Boundary

    Badger Flat to Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Boundary

  • Rattlesnake Crossing Scouting

    Rattlesnake Crossing Scouting

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2015 Training

Wilderness Corps will have some training available in 2015 for Volunteers who would like to get Crosscut Certified and/or get your Chainsaw Certificate. We will also have First Aid and Wilderness First Responder classes available via Backcountry Medical Guides. This would be a great time for new volunteers to learn some new skills and returning volunteers to acquire hone up your skills.

We hope to send some folks to the Region 5 Wilderness Ranger Academy again this year.

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Trout Cabin Ranger Station

Saved Trout Cabin

On October 24, 2014 we packed into Trout Cabin in the Golden Trout Wilderness with United Trail Maintainers of California (UTMC). The sole purpose was to cut a dead tree down that “could” potentially fall onto and crush the historic Trout Ranger Station. Wilderness Corps had three members attend and UTMC had three members attend along with two dogs. We are a dog friendly group and dogs are always welcome unless otherwise stated.

The hike into the Cabin from the trail head was about 7.5 miles and it was a beautiful hike in. United Trail Maintainers is based out of the Bakersfield area and provided the Pack Support. Below are some pictures from the trip.

Katie and the horses

Katie had never been on or around horses until this trip so she was the Horse Queen at the end of the trip.

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Mystery Lake restoration project

The Mystery Lake restoration project was another successful trip. We had five Volunteers Participate and three USFS Rangers. Some statistics for the trip:

  • 37 Tent pads obliterated that were within 100 feet of the water or the trail
  • 11 Illegal campfire rings obliterated that were within 100 feet of the water or the trail
  • ~30 Pounds of trash were removed (glass, old peaches cans, fishing line, butterfly net, aluminum foil, etc.)
  • 54 Volunteer Hours worked
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End of Season in the Sierra’s

The season has ended in the Sierra. Wilderness Crops had a great season in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness this year! We accomplished our goals and look forward to working with the Sierra N.F. Wilderness Crew next year.

We had over 200 hours of volunteer time, obliterated 57 Illegal campsites, removed 40 pounds of trash (old cans, glass bottles, burned foil food packaging packaging, and discarded clothing), and contained 5 Legal Camp Sites.

We would like to thank our Volunteers for their service and next year we hope to have more trips and we hope to have more trips in the South Sierra Wilderness, Domeland Wilderness and for those of you that don’t like backpacking or cannot we hope to have some OHV trails to keep up early in the 2015 Season.

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New Service Area – Sequoia National Forest

October 21, 2014 – Wilderness Corps is now doing Trail Crew work in the Sequoia National Forest. We have signed agreements with the Western Divide Ranger District for Patrol, Trail Maintenance, Chainsaw and Crosscut work, Brushing Tread work and Visitor Contacts.  Our First trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness is this weekend. We will be assisting Untied Trail Maintainers of California with Tree Felling at Trout Cabin Ranger District. If you would like to be volunteer please sign-up on our meet-up site.

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Quick Links

California Fire/Stove Permit Caltopo.com for trip planning inciweb to check if there are wildfires in your destination area

Wilderness Permits

Wilderness Permits are required to overnight in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, Kaiser Wilderness, John Muir Wilderness and Ansel Adams. Please get a permit. Bear cans are required in the Sierra National Forest.