• Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Area

    Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Area

  • 2014 Cliff Lake Campsite Restoration

    2014 Cliff Lake Campsite Restoration

  • Rock Lake Report

  • 2017 Crosscut Saw Class #1

  • Santa Barbara Canyon Trail - Clear

    Santa Barbara Canyon Trail - Clear

  • Gene Marshall Trail - Trip #2 Report

    Gene Marshall Trail - Trip #2 Report

  • George Bush Tree, Sequoia National Forest

    George Bush Tree, Sequoia National Forest

  • Baker Point Lookout

    Baker Point Lookout

  • 2016 Dinkey Lakes Wilderness - Dinkey Lakes Trail

    2016 Dinkey Lakes Wilderness - Dinkey Lakes Trail

  • 2016 Bear Trap Trip Report

    2016 Bear Trap Trip Report

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Wilderness Corps - Lower Maggie Lake
Wilderness Corps

2015 Maggie Lakes Trip Report

On May 30, 2015 members of Wilderness Corps backpacked into Maggie Lakes to gather information on downed trees along the route, document water sources for future trips and to see what signs we need to replace. This is the report that Wilderness submitted to the Sequoia National Forest.

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Wilderness Corps

Fuels Reduction Service

Take a look at this video we found over on Wild Fire today. This is a great example of why Wilderness Corps provides a Fuels Reduction Service. We have teamed up with the Conservation Corps to further enhance this service and give us the manpower to make this service work. “Without Fuels Reduction, thinning and prescribed burns you get these Mega Fires, like the Rim Fire.”

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Wilderness Corps - Wilderness Chartarcter
Wilderness Corps

Wilderness Character

We are directed to preserve, protect, and perpetuate wilderness character. But what is wilderness character?

USFWS policy contains this discussion: Preserving wilderness character requires that we maintain the wilderness condition: the natural, scenic condition of the land, biological diversity, biological integrity, environmental health, and ecological and evolutionary processes. But the character of wilderness embodies more than a physical condition. (It) refocuses our perception of nature and our relationship to it. It embodies an attitude of humility and restraint that lifts our connection of the landscape from the utilitarian….. to the symbolic realm serving other human needs. We preserve wilderness character by our compliance with wilderness legislation and regulation, but also by imposing limits upon ourselves.

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Wilderness Corps

Restore & preserve Mountaineer Creek

The Golden Trout Wilderness encompasses over 300,000 acres along the southern Sierra Nevada in California. Roughly one-third of this area lies within the Sequoia National Forest and the rest in neighboring Inyo National Forest. Within the Golden Trout Wilderness is the North Fork of the Kern River, the drainage of the Little Kern River as well as over 100 miles of high-country streams. The uniqueness of this place comes from both the quality of the wilderness and the variety of wild trout found here. 

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Wilderness Corps, Santa Barbara Canyon Trail
Wilderness Corps

Santa Barbara Canyon Trail – Clear

Beth and I had already been on that trail and cut 10 trees on the recon trip we did a few weeks prior. On March 03/28/15 & 03/29/15 Wilderness Corps Leadership and six Wilderness Corps volunteers camped out at the Santa Barbara Canyon trail head in the Dick Smith Wilderness.

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California Fire/Stove Permit Caltopo.com for trip planning inciweb to check if there are wildfires in your destination area

Wilderness Permits

Wilderness Permits are required for the Golden Trout , Dinkey Lakes, Dome Land, South Sierra, John Muir and Ansel Adams Wilderness areas. Please get a Wilderness Permit if you plan on an overnight excursion in one of these spectacular areas.