2017 WC Sierra Update

2017 WC Sierra Update

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The 2017 Summer Season in the Sierra is off to a slow start. Kaiser Pass Road was recently (June 11, 2017) plowed allowing much-awaited access to Lake Edison the High Sierra Ranger Station. The Dinkey Lakes Wilderness is not accessible yet. Courtright Resivor is not accessible either. Wilderness Corps will likely start clearing trails in the Ansel Adams and John Muir Wilderness Areas first this year.  Possible locations that are being discussed are Doris Meadow.  Wilderness Corps will be doing logout operation primarily this year. This is where we go in with Crosscut Saws and remove the trees that are blocking hiking and stock trails. There are enough trails, that we will not have time to do anything else until next year.

We really need Volunteers to come signup and show up for these trips. An ideal crew size is 6 volunteers and one crew leader. Trips are generally done on the weekends because yes, the Wilderness Corps leadership works full-time jobs too. This is a grassroots Non-profit organization, contrary to popular belief. 

Please sign-up as a registered volunteer and also sign-up on our meetup page to be notified of events.


Todd Brockman is one of the founders of Wilderness Corps. He came up with the idea while on Trail Crew in the Los Padres National Forest. He has been backpacking just about all his life. Todd Brockman was a Trail Crew Leader for the Ventnana Wilderness Alliance and was a Volunteer Wilderness Steward in the Los Padres National Forest for 2 years. Todd then volunteered as Weekend Wilderness Ranger for the 2013 season in the Sierra National Forrest. Todd’s is involved with many organizations that promote Wilderness Stewardship from Washington D.C. to the local level. Todd is an IT Professional however, Todd says the best job ever would be to part of the solitude of the Wilderness.

Quick Links

California Fire/Stove Permit Caltopo.com for trip planning inciweb to check if there are wildfires in your destination area

Wilderness Permits

Wilderness Permits are required to overnight in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, Kaiser Wilderness, John Muir Wilderness and Ansel Adams. Please get a permit. Bear cans are required in the Sierra National Forest.