SNF 2017 Devil’s Bathtub

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Forest: Sierra
Ranger Unit: High Sierra Ranger District
Wilderness Area: Ansel Adams
Trip Date: July 15 & July 16, 2017
Start TH & End TH: USFS Trail 28E16 – Devis Bathtub

Volunteers Attended:

  • Marissa O.
  • Gene W.

Cleared trees off of 28E16


We road in about .25 farther and began to cut our second tree. Again, this area was passable
for hikers to hop over and packers to go around but the priority, of course, is to keep
everyone on the trail. A few steps down from this tree was another fallen tree with enough
room for the packers to go around on the trail, we removed the limbs so it wouldn’t stick
out as much but should be removed from the trail in the future.

About another half a mile down the trail was the tree the packers had no way around.
We decided to make this our priority for the rest of the day. I forgot to get a before
picture, unfortunately. There were 3 logs all resting upon each other in different
directions. With thorough thought and communication, we decided how we were going to
make the cut. We were successful in clearing this portion of the trail for the stock to walk
on. We spoke to a few hikers walking out that day and heard there was another large fallen tree up the trail, they said it would be passable on a horse.

Tree #1 Before:

Wilderness Corps Trailcrew

Tree #A Before

Tree After (removed with a Crosscut Saw)

Tree #A After (removed with a Crosscut Saw)

Tree #B Down across the trail blocking stock

Tree #B Removed by hand with a crosscut saw

Next Steps:
Devil’s Bathtub is a popular half-day trail for the pack station so I am hoping the Forest Service or more volunteers can make their way up there soon to clear the trails. The entire area had many dead trees, many being supported by another tree- one good gust of wind and they will be on the trail.


Todd Brockman is one of the founders of Wilderness Corps. He came up with the idea while on Trail Crew in the Los Padres National Forest. He has been backpacking just about all his life. Todd Brockman was a Trail Crew Leader for the Ventnana Wilderness Alliance and was a Volunteer Wilderness Steward in the Los Padres National Forest for 2 years. Todd then volunteered as Weekend Wilderness Ranger for the 2013 season in the Sierra National Forrest. Todd’s is involved with many organizations that promote Wilderness Stewardship from Washington D.C. to the local level. Todd is an IT Professional however, Todd says the best job ever would be to part of the solitude of the Wilderness.

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Wilderness Permits are required to overnight in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, Kaiser Wilderness, John Muir Wilderness and Ansel Adams. Please get a permit. Bear cans are required in the Sierra National Forest.