2016 Dinkey Lakes Wilderness – Dinkey Lakes Trail

2016 Dinkey Lakes Wilderness – Dinkey Lakes Trail

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On June 18 & 19, 2016 Wilderness Corps lead two backpack crosscut trips into the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness to clear the Dinkey Lakes Trail. One trip was lead by Todd Brockman, C Certified Sawyer and the other trip was lead by Robert Barringer, B Certified Sawyer. Roberts trip was from the Cliff Lake Trailhead to Cliff Lake while Todd’s trip was from the Willow Meadow Trailhead to Rock Lake. The details of each trip are as follows. This trail connects a series of lakes with is heavily used by avid fishermen, backpackers, day hikers and stock users.

Wilderness Corps Trip to Cliff Lake:
Trailhead: Cliff Lake
Date Of Trip: June 18, 2016
Crew Leader: Robert Barringer
Map: http://caltopo.com/m/Q1GE
Trees Cleared: 8
Number of Volunteers: 5
Number of Donated Volunteer Hours: 80

The entire 5 mile section of trail from the Cliff Lake Trailhead to Cliff Lake is obstruction free, save for one large tree near the top of the switchbacks just below Cliff Lake.  The trees that were cleared ranged between 10 to 24 inches in diameter.  The one large tree left behind is at least 36+ inches in diameter, and will require at least a 6-ft crosscut saw for safe removal from the trail.   There is currently a reroute around this large tree which takes hikers downslope and away from the main trail which is contributing to slope erosion.


Tree #1

Wilderness Corps - Tree 1 Before and After

Since the Dinkey Lakes Trail is a stock trail is needs to be cut wider than other hiking trails that you may have hiked on.









Tree #2

Wilderness Corps - Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Tree 2









Tree #3

Wilderness Corps - Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Tree 3









Tree #4

Wilderness Corps - Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Tree 4









Wilderness Corps – Rock Lake Tree Clearing Trip
Trailhead: Willow Meadow
Date of Trip: June 18, 2016
Crew Leader: Todd Brockman
Map: http://caltopo.com/m/8VFK
Trees Cleared: 4 and 1 Tree left partially cut
Number of Volunteers: 4
Volunteer Hours Donated: 64
The entire 5 mile section of the Dinkey Lakes trail from the Willow Meadow Trailhead to 1st Dinkey onto Rock Lake is Tree and obstruction free. There were two large trees blocking the trail on the South Side of Rock Lake. One of the two trees has been removed and the other I left because it was; a) late in the day and we had hit our hard stop time and b) everyone was tired and I was worried
about a careless injury happening so we left the tree with a single cut and flagged the trail off as the tree is not on the ground.


Tree #1

Wilderness Corps - Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Trip 2 Tree 1

Typically the USFS has Wilderness Rangers and Student interns that go out each year and clear these trails. However, due to fiscal restrictions within the Sierra N.F. this year there are not enough Wilderness Rangers and the Sierra N.F. asked that Wilderness Corps and its volunteers step in and assist them in clearing these trails. These are the before and after pictures.












Tree #2

Wilderness Corps Trip 2 Tree 2 - Dinkey Lakes Wilderness













Tree #3

Wilderness Corps Trip 2 Tree 3- Dinkey Lakes Wilderness

This was a tree top that got ripped off the tree. We just cut the top section and left the tree as is to recover.



















Tree #4 & #5

Wilderness Corps Trip 2 Tree 4 &5- Dinkey Lakes Wilderness

This is one complex mess of a blow down. This takes C Certified Sawyers to handle. To the average backpacker this looks like two trees blocking the route. But to Sawyers there is a lot going on here with the weight and size of the logs and the different binds these trees have as you cut through them with a Crosscut saw.
























Wilderness Corps is heading back out into the Wilderness to finish clearing the trees left behind and to clear any new ones that are located on June 25 and June 26, 2016, with Volunteers. Hopefully we will have the whole trail cleared for the public before the busy season hits.


Todd Brockman is one of the founders of Wilderness Corps. He came up with the idea while on Trail Crew in the Los Padres National Forest. He has been backpacking just about all his life. Todd Brockman was a Trail Crew Leader for the Ventnana Wilderness Alliance and was a Volunteer Wilderness Steward in the Los Padres National Forest for 2 years. Todd then volunteered as Weekend Wilderness Ranger for the 2013 season in the Sierra National Forrest. Todd’s is involved with many organizations that promote Wilderness Stewardship from Washington D.C. to the local level. Todd is an IT Professional however, Todd says the best job ever would be to part of the solitude of the Wilderness.

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