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New Service Area – Sequoia National Forest

October 21, 2014 – Wilderness Corps is now doing Trail Crew work in the Sequoia National Forest. We have signed agreements with the Western Divide Ranger District for Patrol, Trail Maintenance, Chainsaw and Crosscut work, Brushing Tread work and Visitor Contacts.  Our First trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness is this weekend. We will be assisting Untied Trail Maintainers of California with Tree Felling at Trout Cabin Ranger District. If you would like to be volunteer please sign-up on our meet-up site.

2014 USFS Recon Trip to Cliff Lake

Cliff Lake

Wilderness Corps and a all volunteer Wilderness Stewardship Crew hiked into Cliff Lake on May 17, 2014 to do reconnaissance for the Sierra National Forest. This trip was to assess trail conditions, measure water levels, snow levels and document Trees down on the trail.

Executive Summary:

On May 17, 2014 8 Volunteers from Wilderness Corps Departed the Cliff Lake Trailhead and hiked into Cliff Lake. The trail is in good condition from the trailhead to the Nelson Creek. Nelson creek is cold and flowing fast. The best place to cross is upstream and around the bend. The trail is in good condition from Nelson Creek to within a quarter of a mile of the Nelson Lake Trail Junction, where water is free flowing down the trail forcing people to take alternate routes. The trail from Nelson Lake Trail Junction to Cliff lake is in easy to follow and is good condition.
There are a total of three trees down on the trail between the trail head and Cliff Lake. The largest in diameter is < 45 inches.

View Map of Route – Google Hybrid

View Map of Route – Topo USA ESRI

Dusy-Ershim Trail

Difficulty: Difficult
Length: 31 miles / 50 km
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly • Dog Friendly

The Dusy-Ershim Trail boarders the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness on the eastern side. An OHV trail which makes Dinkey Lakes accessible by many 4×4 clubs. The Dusy-Ershim Trail is and of an adventure itself. A very scenic trail that climbs to 10,000 feet at Thompson Lake, then rarely drops below 9,000 feet after that. You’ll pass several excellent lakes offering good camping and fishing. Almost the entire trail passes through wilderness, which is just 300 feet on each side of the trail. Stay on designated routes at all times. Do not camp within 100 feet of lakes and streams. Carry a fire permit and fishing license if applicable. No target shooting anywhere along route. Pack out your trash. Trail is for summer use only and is approved for ATVs and dirt bikes. Make sure you have plenty of mosquito repellent in the warm summer months. Located in Sierra National Forest.

Wilderness Corps provides Stewardship in this area. We are looking for OHV Clubs to partner with. Contact us at info@wildernesscorps.com for more information.

2014 Cliff Lake Campsite Restoration


On August 30, 2014 three Wilderness Corps volunteers accompanied two Wilderness Rangers and one Intern to Cliff Lake in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness to do Campsite restoration at Cliff Lake. Cliff Lake is a popular backpacking spot as it is just a little less than 5 mile hike from the trail head. The goals of the Project were to reduce the number of Tent pads that were within 100 feet of Cliff Lake and contain Tent sites that were more than 100 feet from Cliff Lake.

Stats for the Last Work Trip into Cliff Lake:

  • 23 campsites rehabilitated
  • 27 tent pads iceberged
  • 3 fire rings contained
  • 15lbs of trash removed
  • .4 miles of user trail rehabilitated.
  • The Wilderness Corp worked 24.5 hours on the Cliff Lake Campsite Restoration Project.

National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance Conference


In November I attended the the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance Conference in Big Bear, CA with some of the leading Wilderness Stewardship groups in the Country. Let me start by saying it was a great conference. The turn out was smaller they said than anticipated due to the Government Shutdown, but nevertheless there were plenty of groups in attendance like the USFS, San Gorgonio Wilderness Association, Friends of the Inyo, Sitka Conservation Society, Friends of Nevada Wilderness and many more.

The current Board Chair of the NWSA, Doug Scott gave what was an interesting opening and always was piping up with history lessons. If your interested in Stewardship and want to get involved start your own Friends Group or Stewardship group like Wilderness Corps and the NWSA will steer you in the right direction. I do have to say that, I would have never attended this conference if Adam Barnett, Wilderness Manager of the Sierra National Forest did not mention it to me in a email conversation we had.




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