• Thedore Solomons Trail

    Thedore Solomons Trail

  • 2017 WC Sierra Update

    2017 WC Sierra Update

  • 2017 Piedra Blanca Trail Update.

    2017 Piedra Blanca Trail Update.

  • 2016 Bear Trap Trip Report

    2016 Bear Trap Trip Report

  • Badger Flat to Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Boundary

    Badger Flat to Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Boundary

  • Rattlesnake Crossing Scouting

    Rattlesnake Crossing Scouting

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Happy New Year!

We are starting out in 2018 by working on the OSV (Over Snow Vehicle) trails on the Sierra National Forest.  Several volunteers have already been out working on the Bald Mountain and Grouse OSV trails. Wilderness Corps is continuing to work year round with the High Sierra Ranger District in maintaining routes used by winter visitors to the Huntington Lake region.

This year, big things are coming for us. We need volunteers of all skill levels. We have more than five hundred miles of trail to maintain within Sierra National Forest, and we are also hoping to see the Theodore Solomons Trail become more user friendly as we clear sections of it and restore lost parts of the trail.

Here’s hoping that you, as well as our volunteers, achieve all their goals in 2018!


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Sierra National Forest Winter Program

Wilderness Corps has put together a winter program on the Sierra National Forest. This initiative meets a need and fills a gap, which is why we are doing it. We will be working with the Sierra National Forest Offroad Snow Vehicles  Department. There are about 6 Fulltime employees and two USFS Volunteers and Wilderness Corps to cover 230 miles of Snowmobile Trails. 

We will be helping the USFS do Patrols and offer public assistance as needed, we will Snowmobile Trail Saftey, OSV Trail Maintenace and we will do OSV Wilderness Incursion Monitoring and Documentation. 

Upcoming Training geared to OSV:

OSV Orientation @ Kokanee work Center

We will post more information as it becomes available.

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SNF Winter 2017 First Aid/CPR Class

Free Training for Wilderness Corps Volunteers via the Sierra National Forest

The Sierra National Forest is offering an American Red Cross First Aid/CPR training on Saturday, December 16, 2017. The class would be one day, approximately eight hours, in length. It would be held at the High Sierra Ranger District Office in Prather.

Volunteers that just received their Chainsaw A/B Card remember that the card is not valid unless you have a valid First Aid/CPR Card and a valid Bloodborne Pathogens Card.

Please sign-up for this event today.

To Attend you must be registered as a Wilderness Corps Volunteer.

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Badger Flat to Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Boundary

On Saturday, October 28 & 29th, 2017 three Wilderness Corps Volunteers Backpacked into Weldons Camp and we made it about 1 mile beyond and removed a pile of trees, just outside the Wilderness Boundary. On our way in from

Wilderness Corps Trailwork

John is nipping the tops off these trees that fell close to the trail.

the Badger Flat Trailhead, we cleared two trees that were sticking out into the trail. We observed a serious snag on the way in that people have been going around. The trail is in good shape, in places but water damage is also significant in places too. The trail is heavily used by stock which is apparent because it is chewed up and sandy.

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Quick Links

California Fire/Stove Permit Caltopo.com for trip planning inciweb to check if there are wildfires in your destination area

Wilderness Permits

Wilderness Permits are required to overnight in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, Kaiser Wilderness, John Muir Wilderness and Ansel Adams. Please get a permit. Bear cans are required in the Sierra National Forest.